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Meet our heroes of the season!

Click below to explore the stories of a few change-makers we've been lucky enough to work with this year, and visit our Rootstock blog to find more!

Vida Verde: Changing Children’s Lives >>

Giving Hands

Pesticide Action Network >>

Pesticide Action Network North America

We're proud to support hundreds of grassroots organizations from coast to coast who champion one or more of these causes:

Supporting organic family farmers

Efforts that increase professional development opportunities in organic
agriculture for family farmers; empower youth in agriculture; preserve family farm culture; and protect farmers’ livelihood.

Growing organic food systems

Efforts dedicated to the advancement of organic agriculture and food
sovereignty in both rural and urban areas, including initiatives focused on organic research, education and advocacy.

Promoting environmental sustainability

Efforts that promote and advocate for the stewardship and protection of natural resources.

Fostering organic health and wellness

Efforts that promote healthy living by educating about the benefits of organic and increasing access to organic food. Priority is given to initiatives that benefit children’s health and education.

Doing good in our local communities

Efforts that empower our farmers’ and employees’ communities to strengthen their local economies, create and enrich local, organic food systems, and/or increase community well-being.


Our support comes in all shapes and sizes and can include both financial and food donations. To request cash or product for a non-profit organization or event, fill out our Donation Request Form, and be sure to give us at least 8 weeks advance notice. 

We also offer grants from $500-$50,000 through a fund made up of voluntary contributions from our farmers to support projects focused on organic research, education and advocacy. Read more about the Farmers Advocating For Organics (FAFO) fund to see if your project qualifies and find out how you can apply. 

Other questions about our giving? Write to us at donations(at)organicvalley.coop.

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