Meet a Gen-O Farmer - Adam Holter

Hailing from Jefferson, Maryland, Adam Holter from Holterholm Farms brings a family history of farming that began in 1889. In addition to growing produce and raising hens and beef, Adam's family milks 100 cows on 207 acres of pasture. Growing up, Adam's first job was to feed grain to the young heifers, a job he is no longer tasked with as the farm is now 100% grass-based. Off the farm, Adam tinkers with his 1968 Dodge Dart and plays the guitar. When asked why it's important to know your farmer, he explains that it's all about accountability. "When a bond is formed between a community and their farmer, everyone will work together to ensure quality food is available". Adam's vision of a sustainable future is a small farm that works closely with its community to provide healthy food.

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