Meet a Gen-O Farmer - Casey Knapp

Casey and his two younger brothers will be the fifth generation of Knapps to farm in the Preble Valley in upstate New York. Casey labels Cobblestone Valley Farm a "diversified organic dairy". Their 600 acres provides for the dairy operation 3000 yards of annual compost production, 10 acres of organic strawberries, pastured poultry, beef, pork, and free-range eggs. Casey says that a sustainable agriculture system needs to pay farmers fairly, provide healthy and wholesome food to consumers, and preserve soil fertility. By growing food organically, they provide more than simply food. Casey says, "We give memories, we take care of the earth, and we grow delicious food." We all connect with farmers three times a day through the food we eat at each meal. Casey would like to be able to shake the hand of the person in whom he places so much trust and figures you might want to too. Most people like to know their doctors, their dentists, and their lawyers, so it makes sense to want to know one's farmer.

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