Emily Zweber, 31 – Elko, Minnesota

Established in 1906, the Zweber family has been farming on their farm for over 100 years. Emily and her husband Tim are fourth generation farmers in partnership with Tim’s parents who took over the operation from Tim’s Grandpa back in 1984. The farm with its 100 cow herd is a family run operation. One day they hope that Tim and Emily’s three children may become partners in the farm as well.

In addition to being a busy mom, farmer, and writer for their farm blog, Emily also works part-time as the Executive Director for the AgChat Foundation which works to empower farmers and ranchers to connect with customers about farming via social media. Their farm also has a direct sales business where they sell beef, pork, chicken, and eggs. Food is what fuels our bodies every day and Emily believes by knowing your farmer and your food you are able to make healthier choices. Emily says, “I need a lot of energy to keep me going! I need to know that the food going into my body is healthy so I can continue to be healthy for my family.” Emily is excited to visit classrooms during the Gen-O Teach-In so she can create new friendships and share their family farm story. 


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