James Frantzen, 24 Elma, Iowa

James Frantzen

James hails from Elma, Iowa, where at 24 he grows corn, soybeans, succotash (barley, wheat, and oats), hay, and pasture while raising 60 beef cows and 35 sows. He has been farming his entire life, yet still gets excited when he is checking on the hogs and finds newborn piglets. To raise new life and produce a wholesome and healthy organic product for consumers, keeps James happy and fulfilled.

He is committed to doing his part for the future of organic agriculture and strongly believes consumer education about organic land practices and food production is essential. Helping consumers understand that these topics are linked to their daily lives and the success of their communities is needed to ensure the survival of the organic family farm. Generation Organic motivates James to keep farming, because he knows he is connected to other farmers who are just like him he is not alone!

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