Jenna Miller, 25 - Williamstown, Massachusetts

Millers’ Organic Dairy has been in operation since 1972 and organically certified since 1997. The Millers have a milking herd of roughly 45 Holsteins. In addition to baling all their own hay, her family also grows and stores the majority of their own grains. Currently, their farm is a multi-generational, three-way partnership between Jenna’s father, uncle and cousin. With that, there are four families living on the farm with her grandparents all calling Millers' Organic Dairy home. As for Jenna, she will soon call her family farm “home” again in the coming months as she will start working on the farm continuing the farming tradition to the next generation. Jenna gets inspiration from spending time working alongside so many knowledgeable members of her family. She also likes writing, creating paper crafts, cooking and biking. Jenna believes it’s important for kids in rural communities to realize the amount of skill, dedication and love that surround them in the very farmers who are their neighbors.



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