Kelly Mahaffy, 33 - Coos Bay, Oregon

Kelly and her husband, Pete, have a 200-acre farm in Coos Bay, Oregon on which they care for and feed their herd of 120 Jersey cows by managing a system of intensive rotational grazing. River Bend Jerseys stretches over two miles along the Coos River. Their land is made up of long, narrow fields on sandy river banks with a strip of low ground, bordered by mountains. The Southern Oregon Coast is known for mild temperatures and long growing seasons, making it an ideal location to have a successful grazing dairy.  Kelly has farmed throughout her entire life.  Today, she is working to pass on her craft to the next generation, her three daughters. Kelly’s my most important job on the farm is feeding her family and she grows a large garden, drives to u-pick farms to gather what she doesn’t grow and they raise chickens. In the summer and fall Kelly, along with her three “helpers” freeze, dehydrate and can everything they are able to.  The reward of this effort is a delicious meal in the middle of winter with all home-grown ingredients! Kelly is excited about the future of organic food and the “next generation” of farmers and eaters.  Kelly wants to use her experiences with her children on her farm to teach kids in the classroom about the value of healthy food choices and convey the sense of pride that comes with knowing what it took to grow and put together a real meal.


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