Kristina Hemstead, 25 – La Farge, Wisconsin

Kristina grew up on a 150-acre organic dairy farm just outside of La Farge,
Wisconsin with her younger brother and parents.  After completing her undergraduate studies in Agronomy and History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she continued to pursue a Master’s Degree in Agroecology.  She has since returned to the family homestead.  The Hemstead family farm has been through a few transitions since it was purchased in 1893 as a sheep and tobacco farm.  Today, they are focusing on organic beef production through Organic Prairie, and Kristina has branched into growing winter squash for Organic Valley with plans to expand and diversify over time.

She is excited to participate in the 2013 Teach-In. Kristina says, “We must build a better foundation of food and farming knowledge for our society and actively engaging kids is a great place to start. As our food infrastructure grows, we are distanced from farmers – the very people who feed and clothe us.”  Best of all Kristina adds, “Kids are excited to learn about farming and where their food comes from, especially when they see and hear it from a younger farmer who is pursuing their dream. When I was their age, there were very few young women actively pursuing farming as a career - today that is ever-changing.”  


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