Lorelei D’Huyvetter, 18 – Fairchild, Wisconsin

Lorelei lives on her family’s organic dairy farm in Fairchild, Wisconsin where they milk 100 cows and raise organic corn, soybeans, hay, oats and wheat. Her role there varies, ranging from milking cows with her brother, to fieldwork, to raising a garden each year with her sister. To Lorelei, farming begins with the soil. Building the soil sustains crops and is the organic farmer’s most important tool. Another valuable asset to the organic farmer, she says, is the upcoming generation of organic farmers.

Lorelei is excited to know that there are other young people who care about the land and producing healthy food in environmentally and economically conscientious fashion. She envisions a future where everyone in the world has access to healthy organic food and to the farms that produce that food. To Lorelei, “organic farming is the only solution to a sustainable future!”

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