Mandy Mobry, 34 - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Mandy Mobry has been farming at R & G Miller & Sons, Inc. for seven years. Their multi-family, multi-generational farm with its 370 milking cows is the largest Organic Valley dairy farm in Wisconsin. The farm joined the farmer-owned cooperative of Organic Valley in 1997 after their transition to become certified organic. On the Miller family farm which is located just north of Madison, Mandy handles all the paperwork, from accounting to payroll, corporate affairs, and the organic certification. She likes teaching the importance of what organic farmers do and why they do it. Mandy believes it is more important than ever to teach kids about organic. As a mom herself, Mandy says, “Kids are our future...and they are sponges! If all they are taught is one way of thinking about farming and food then that’s all they will know when they grow up.”

With both conviction and a little humor Mandy says, “If today’s children are armed with ALL the information, they will be much more prepared to make informed decisions about the food they eat and how it is grown. Who knows, maybe they can ‘teach’ their parents something new!”



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