Sarah Holm, 21 – Elk Mound, Wisconsin

Sarah Holm

A first generation farmer, 21 year old Sarah Holm has been farming with her family since 2001 when they bought their 100-acre farm in Elk Mound, Wisconsin. Sarah, her five sisters, and her parents milk 40 Jersey cows and offer them 80 acres of lush pasture to graze in. When farming gets tough in the winters, she is reminded of “the faces of the people who buy my milk and have thanked me for it,” and is inspired to keep working, not only for her family, but also for consumers of Organic Valley products.

Sarah has been involved with the Generation Organic Task Force Committee for five years, helping to develop this network of young, organic farmers. Sarah is just finishing up her studies at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, while working on and off of the farm and participating in agricultural-related events across the country and the world.

An enthusiastic Gen-O farmer, Sarah thrives on learning independently about food, nutrition, politics and the environment. She applies this knowledge to farming more organically and sustainably so that she can actively learn to be a better farmer and global citizen.

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