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Co-op of the Month: September

In recognition of the International Year of Cooperatives, we will be sharing the stories of different cooperatives throughout the year. This month, we're highlighting Frontier Natural Products Co-op. Read on and enjoy!

Frontier Natural Products Co-op

Since its beginnings in 1976, Frontier Natural Products Co-op® has been a member-owned cooperative dedicated to supporting and advocating the values of the cooperative community: integrity, openness, social responsibility, and respect for the environment. In other words, they have chosen to grow and prosper by contributing to the world rather than exploiting it.

In one of Frontier's earliest planning sessions back in the 1970s, the founders expressed their cooperative commitment perfectly: "In all that we do, at all times and with all people, we will conduct our affairs and the affairs of the company with absolute integrity." This commitment is as strong today as ever.

Take, for example, the cooperative’s Well Earth® Sourcing Program, which is “Fair Trade” Frontier style. When Frontier’s line of body care products (produced under one of the co-op’s brands, Aura Cacia, began to use baobab oil, a botanical from Senegal, Africa, in its skin care products, they didn’t just go in, take as much as they could for as long as they could and get out, as most companies do.

Some baobab trees are one to three thousand years old and provide crucial sustenance to their communities. The bark is used to make fiber and rope; its leaves provide nutritious feed for animals; and the trees produce football-shaped fruits that contain nutritious fiber. The fruit also contains seeds that are so hard, they can pass through the digestive tract unscathed. There wasn’t much use for the seeds because of that. But when pressed, the seeds produce a fantastic oil. Because the seeds hadn’t been used, sourcing the seeds and their precious oil for Aura Cacia products takes nothing away from the traditional uses of the tree.

But, as PR director, Joe Coffey, points out, “The neatest thing is that when you use the oil, you’re tapping into something even deeper. This tree is so important in Africa, it has spiritual significance. It’s the center of the community. If you live in a village that’s surrounded by baobab trees, you’re surrounded by life.” And with the economic development provided by the seed oil, communities now see economic value from their trees, as well.

The cooperative’s third brand, Simply Organic, produces organic seasonings, dip and dressing mixes. Fueled by the exceptional popularity of their products, Simply Organic is a leader in organic seasonings. Organic Valley has a close relationship with the brand when it comes to cross-pollination of initiatives and projects, which only makes sense when you consider both our brands are all about delicious, nutritious food!

“Our connection goes deep,” Joe says. “Not only do we do business cooperatively, but we’re on the same page when it comes to being committed to why and how we do what we do, and who we’re doing it for. We’re trying to do the right thing for people who are looking for good quality products made by companies who are very aware of what happens to the earth and the communities we source our ingredients from.”

“Like Organic Valley, we're proud to run an honest, responsible business, and we believe that's how the people who use our products want it to be run. Our goal is to leave future generations with a healthier world than the one we live in today.”


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Everything's Better Together!

In recognition of the International Year of Cooperatives, we will be sharing the stories of different cooperatives throughout the year. Please join us this year to celebrate the benefits of working together!
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