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When we wrote our mission statement we included our own definition of organic to guide us. We adhere to all of the regulations set forth by the USDA Organic seal (shoot, we helped write those regulations!), and to us, it can be very succinctly put into one sentence. Organic is a philosophy and system of production that mirrors the natural laws of living organisms with an emphasis on the interdependence of all life. Simply put, we farm in harmony with nature.

Maintaining Integrity

We’ll always stay the course of our founding mission: to fiercely protect the environment, organic family farming, and rural communities. In support of our mission, George (our C-E-I-E-I-O) took a key role in developing the National Standards on Organic Agricultural Production, implemented by the USDA on October 21, 2002. Today he continues to help define and defend standards for truly sustainable organic agriculture consumers can trust.

While we’ve been directly involved in creating the National Standards, we approach them differently. We don’t begin by finding out what we need to do so our farms can be certified organic. Instead, we take our cues from the natural order of things. Through watching, listening, and learning how to farm in harmony with nature, we have become stewards of the earth. As stewards of the earth, we farm organically, and that’s precisely what inspired the USDA Organic Seal. We’re not here to do the bare minimum and profit from an economic demand. We’re your farmers. We’re here to grow and produce delicious, nutritious food for you—just as nature intended.

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