Last year when we started work on our VERY FIRST EVER television commercial, one thing was clear: we wouldn’t need actors. Because we planned a little slice-of-life on one of our 1,800 family farms, to celebrate and show the amazing goodness of pasture-raised organic dairy, all we needed was a camera and a little time between chores.

Behind the Scenes Slideshow

  • The Mahaffy Family

Make Your Own Mud Pie

Find an old-fashioned pie tin and fill it with potting soil. Don't have a tin? Use a disposable one as shown here, or even an old frisbee. Next, sprinkle the grass seed evenly on the dirt and cover it lightly with soil. Carefully water the soil until it is completely moistened, making sure the seeds don't pool together. A spray bottle works perfectly for mud pies!

Give it lots of sunshine and enough water to keep the soil moist, but not puddled. If the seeds dry out, they will not be able to germinate. Have fun!

Steps for making your own mud pie.
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