Our Grant Program

The Farmers Advocating for Organics (FAFO) Fund grant program administers
three different giving categories: Annual, Sustaining and Initiatives. In each of these categories, we award projects that benefit independent, organic family farmers through research, education or advocacy.

Beginning in 2015, FAFO now administers its grants on an invitation only basis*.

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to serving organic farmers and the organic industry and as a result, we have developed strong relationships. It is our goal to work with these organizations and researchers to more directly target our priority areas based on each researcher or organization’s expertise.

* We are, however, still interested in making new acquaintances too! Please contact us and introduce yourself or your project. We are always open to learning more, discovering new talent and ideas, or identifying emerging trends that will have an effect on organic food or farming.

Annual Grants

This category is comprised of Grants for specific projects that have a distinct end date. Typically, these projects start and end within a year. Successful projects will need to affect independent, organic, family farmers by addressing one or more of the following giving categories:

  • Organic farmer or consumer research
  • Organic farmer or consumer education
  • Education of CROPP members or membership
  • Education and resources supporting beginning, current, and/or transitioning organic farmers
  • Advocacy meant to protect organic integrity, standards and/or marketplace

Projects must be organic-specific—oriented toward protecting, safeguarding and advancing organic agriculture and the organic marketplace.

Sustaining Grants

Sustaining Grants are multi-year grants given to organizations selected by the FAFO Committee on the merits of their overall work and long-time partnership with CROPP Cooperative. FAFO commits to funding the awarded organizations for three years. We are proud to support these organizations in their hard work.


Our initiatives are designed to increase the fund’s impact by proactively aiming funds at areas of critical importance to the organic movement. The general goals of these FAFO projects are

  • To give organic farmers the knowledge, tools and training to grow organic farming today and for future generations
  • To educate and promote a robust organic marketplace 

The FAFO Committee designates the themes of the initiatives in two year increments.

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