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As an organic farmer-owned cooperative, sustainability has been ingrained in our mission from the start. We will always work to fulfill our mission in all its intentions and continually learn as we go. This is our pledge to our members, employees, communities and future generations.

We are grateful to be on this mission and to all of you who share in this duty with us. From the farm fields to our business facilities to the grocery aisles, each choice is connected to the whole—organic in the truest sense.

The Organic Valley Sustainability Report

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“Our cooperative has been a pioneering force in the organic movement for 25 years, and we’ve made much progress in raising the bar of organic standards. Organic farmers are at the forefront of effective sustainable farming techniques. We believe that the organic standards and sustainable practices of our cooperative are among the strictest in agriculture. However, perfection is never possible, even in organic. There is always room for improvement.”
- George Siemon, C-E-I-E-I-O of CROPP Cooperative/Organic Valley

Continual improvement is our mantra and what keeps us going out to the barns and coming into the office each morning. Check out our inaugural Sustainability Report to learn about our cooperative’s ongoing efforts.

Organic Dairy as a Sustainable System

This beautiful short film by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy describes how Virginia Organic Valley famer-owner Terry Ingram is harnessing the clean power of the sun and grass to eliminate the need for fossil fuels on his farm and to create earth-friendly economic stability - and delicious grass-fed milk!

Addressing Climate Change with Biodiversity

Our warming climate has altered precipitation patterns, making climate uncertainty one of the biggest challenges our farmers will face in the coming century. See how Minnesota Organic Valley farmer-owners Martin and Loretta Jaus combat eroding soil through on-farm biodiversity to make it more resilient in the increasing incidences of drought and flood.

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