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Since the formation of our farmer-owned cooperative in 1988, we have striven to provide our customers with the most nutritious and best-tasting organic food that is produced under the strictest food safety standards. This not only includes our Organic Valley dairy, egg, soy, juice and produce products, but also the ingredients we provide to foodservice businesses and manufacturers who make baby food, yogurt and more. We take our responsibility to provide high quality products very seriously, and we know that safety and integrity in how we produce our food are essential to the optimum health of our consumers and the planet.

Organic Valley farmer-members are very proud of their reputation for high-quality products and have pioneered one of the strictest standards in the industry. They have a unique “premium and deduct program” in place, which significantly rewards or penalizes based upon level of quality. To ensure their standards are met, we have a farmer-led Work Improvement Program Committee that peer-reviews quality and has the privilege to suspend farm product pick-up, if necessary, until quality improvements are made. We have a comprehensive quality assurance program in place that monitors quality throughout our products’ lifecycle–from the farm to the plate. We have always made our protocols available for review to any customer, producer, distributor or retailer who asks for them.

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