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We strive at every level to produce our products as naturally as possible with a minimum of additional ingredients. When we do add ingredients, it is most often due to consumer demand or government regulation. The National Organic Program (NOP) maintains a list of other approved synthetic or non-organic ingredients that are allowed in organic production, of which Organic Valley uses only a small portion. The full list of synthetic or non-organic ingredients added to Organic Valley products is available at this chart of Organic Valley's Added Ingredients.  We are working hard to move away from these ingredients or at least to find organic sources for them. This is a work in progress, and we will be updating the chart regularly as we find alternatives.

Fair Trade Ingredients

We are happy to announce that we have switched four ingredients to fair trade sources: sugar, vanilla and nutmeg in July 2010, and cocoa in February 2011. Our fair trade sugar is sourced from Brazil, vanilla comes from India, and nutmeg is sourced from Sri Lanka. Our cocoa is a blend of beans sourced from Conacado Cooperative in the Dominican Republic and Naranjillo Cooperative in Peru. Some or all of these ingredients are used in Organic Valley vanilla, strawberry and chocolate 8-ounce milks2% chocolate milksoy milkvanilla yogurteggnogflavored half & half and soy creamers. We are currently evaluating our options for switching to other fair trade ingredients and will update this section accordingly.

At Organic Valley, we have always been concerned with the fair treatment of farmers and farm workers nationally and internationally. Here at home, we were instrumental in founding the Domestic Fair Trade Association, an organization whose mission is to promote and protect the integrity of Domestic Fair Trade Principles through education, marketing, advocacy and endorsements. We remain active members of this organization today.

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