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Organic Valley has worked hard to develop a network of farms and corresponding regional partner processing plants across the United States. Presently we have multiple different regional milk cartons which proudly state on the front panel that we use organic milk from that region. These regions include New England, New York, Heartland (Midwest), Texas, Northwest and California. For these regional milks, we have a policy to use milk from the region where it is produced, from farms that are as close to the processing plant as possible. Occasionally, we will bring in milk from the surrounding region, or outside the region if need be, in order to have a continuous supply of organic milk. Due to unprecedented demand in some regions, we are currently supplementing the New York, Texas and New England milks with less than 10% out-of-region supply. Our California ultra-pasteurized regional milk is supplemented with up to 30% out-of-region supply due to a combination of increased consumer demand and decreased production as a result of the historic drought in that region. We have been able to retain 100% California supply for our pasteurized regional milk, which is sourced from our Northern California farmer-members. We are grateful to our consumers’ continuing support of these local milks, as every purchase keeps our cooperative’s local, organic farmer-owners on the land.

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Our regional production and distribution model is a cornerstone to Organic Valley’s multi-faceted sustainability plan, which includes reducing the distance your milk travels and supporting local businesses as often as possible. We are always exploring the feasibility of adding new regions, and we encourage you to ask your favorite retailer to stock Organic Valley's regional milks if they do not already!

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