Beyond the Plate: Straight Talk on Food & Family

"Food Sleuth" Melinda Hemmelgarn is an avid supporter of organic, sustainable diets. She's a registered dietitian and investigative nutritionist who leaves no stone unturned when connecting the dots between food, agriculture and health. With humor, kindness and enthusiasm, Melinda helps readers think beyond their plates to understand how our daily food choices affect personal health and the planet our children will inherit. In Beyond the Plate, Melinda provides news you can use to feel even more confident about the food choices you make for your family. Bon appétit!

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Superbugs & Antibiotic Resistance

Can you imagine a world without functioning antibiotics? Melinda discusses what's causing antibiotic resistance, and how organic agriculture helps keep them working. Plus sound advice on keeping yourself healthy, without antibiotics.

Allergies, Asthma and Food Intolerance: It's NOT All in Your Head

If you thought you were witnessing an unusual rise in food allergies among children, you're right. Do contaminants in our environment and food play a role?

Persistent, Poisonous, Problematic: Pesticides

Let's help more parents understand the unintended consequences of pesticide use, and how these chemicals could harm our families' health.

Wake Up America! The benefits of Organic Dairy go beyond nutrition.

Think about it: our food choices not only affect our personal health; they also influence our future. Get the nutrition lowdown and more on organic dairy.

Rx: Nature

Research shows that for children with ADHD, time spent in nature results in benefits comparable to drug therapy.

Egg Me On

Learn why eggs just might be the perfect package for easy, nutritious, affordable dining.

Breakfast! Rise to the Occasion

Mother knew about the importance of breakfast, long before the research came along to back her up. Here's what makes your morning, and why.

Keepin' it Real

Isn't being grateful what the season is really all about?

Healing Nutrients Abound at Organic Holiday Tables

Your organic feast contributes optimal nutrition to your family, while protecting the earth.

GMO: A Precautionary Tale

Scary but true: Most of us are "in the dark" about widespread genetic experiments on our food supply and environment.

Kids' Food & the Illusion of Choice

Stop at any supermarket and you'll find an overwhelming assortment of back-to-school lunch-box options. Unfortunately, many of those colorful, kid-friendly packages disguise low-nutrient, empty-calorie foods. Get the labeling lowdown.

Pack an A+ Lunch

Does your child’s lunch box make the grade? These seven simple lunch box strategies will earn you high marks and gold stars!

Family Vacations, Fast-Food Free

Family road trips can easily turn into a hassle, nutrition-wise -- if you’re not prepared. Follow this road map to have fun, stick to your budget, and enjoy regional roadway cuisine.

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