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Food Safety 2010 by Melinda Hemmelgarn, M.S., R.D.

Fixing the system

Judith McGeary of the Texas-based Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance says: "If I could wave a magic wand, I'd create a de-centralized food system where the majority of food was produced using sustainable practices and sold through a supply chain where the consumers were no more than two steps removed from the producer. It would combine the best of the historical local foodsheds with our modern understanding of both sanitation and sustainable systems."

Expanding Our Conversation about Food Safety

Let's think beyond bacteria when we talk about food safety with our friends and family. Let's help others see how organic food is safe food.

Ingredients and additives that contribute to chronic disease over time, such as trans fats, which increase our risk for heart disease, or food dyes which can exacerbate hyperactivity in children aren't safe to consume. Produce free of pesticides is "safer" for our children, farm workers, and our entire ecosystem. Organic, pasture-raised meat and dairy products free of anti-biotics and artificial hormones are safest to consume because they help preserve functioning antibiotics and deliver more healthful omega-3 fats.

"Safe" food supports our health, natural resources and planet for future generations. Safe food is biodiverse, seasonal, and fresh. It's prepared carefully, with love.

Wishing you a "safe" organic holiday season and New Year.

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