Bald Eagles

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Bald Eagles

When I first saw her, she was just a speck, high in the blue sky between fluffy white clouds. The magnificent white-headed eagle soared above all and surveyed her domain below. Then folding her great wings to her sides, she dove down through the clouds and plunged towards the earth below.

She again spread her long wings and white tail as the air caught her 500 yards from the ground. Following the river she glided in circles as she passed over me.

I knew I wasn’t the only one in the valley who was watching her. All the wildlife within a mile was aware that the bald eagle was flying high above them. A flock of crows called out their alarm to warn all that the great eagle was near. She has the respect of both prey and predator and all eyes watch her every movement.

Today she watches for fish in the dark river below. If a foolish trout or sucker swims too close to the surface, she will quickly drop down and snag it out of the water with her sharp talons. The bald eagle has developed a taste for fresh fish and has become an expert fisherman.

After a long battle to survive in a modern day world, the bald eagle has made a come back after near extinction here in Wisconsin.

These days, I may see an eagle on the average of once a week. Not a rare sight but one that always takes my breath away. The eagle possesses the qualities of beauty, grace, power and strength to earn the respect of all.

To see the eagle again over this beautiful Wisconsin farm land, gives me hope for the future knowing that they are watching over us and sharing the same land we live on. They remind us that a healthy place to live is all we really should ask for. Happiness will follow.

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