Red Admiral Butterfly

moon phase Week of 07/01/2007 Good days for planting beets, carrots, salsify, Irish potatoes and other root crops.

The last week of June and I've been enjoying each and every day, it's a wonderful warm summer. The season of growing is now. The rain and warm weather has turned this valley into a world of lush green and everything that is alive is growing.

Red Admiral Butterfly

The big white oak tree west of the house with new tender branches that reach even higher to the sky is still growing. The acorn seedling is a foot tall and has only begin the endless process of growing. The heads on the long stems of reed canary grass have grown heavy with seeds. Soon they will fall and complete their cycle of growing.

The second batch of young cotton-tail rabbits are about half as big as those who were born in mid spring. This year's young chipmunks and gray squirrels have grown to nearly adult size and have grown apart form their mothers that nurtured them. Growing large, growing tall, growing old growing apart and a brand new start.

The little fawns have tripled in size and the things they learn each day give them the wisdom that comes from growing. The velvet antlers of the buck are still growing but not for much longer. He and the does have grown closer and together they graze in the clover. The yearlings too are again allowed to grow closer as the does again accept them.

With each passing night the light of the moon grows brighter and will grow to its brightest glow on Saturday night. The love in the heart of the little gray tree frog has grown to its brightest glow as well and he calls out with his most beautiful love song. Soon there will be tiny tadpoles growing in the cool dark waters of the pond.

At this moment, the flight feathers on the young House wrens are growing and soon they will carry the tiny birds out from the confines of the the wren house and into a whole new world. They have grown a great deal in the past 28 days when they were first an egg. It took only 14 days from them to grow out of their shells and 14 more days to grow the feathers that will carry them through the cycle of their lives. Growing fast, growing slow, growing and learning the things they need to know.

The young Sandhill cranes who have been following their parents on foot while their flight feathers grow in are now nearly ready for their first flights. Soon they will be able to follow their parents wherever they go. By late fall, they will have grown strong enough to follow their parents south on migration.

Hard to believe it's the first week of July already. The red Bee balm is starting to bloom and the little hummingbirds are taking advantage of the new source of nectar. The bees too are flying from one red flower top to the next collecting pollen. There has been an explosion of beautiful Red Admiral butterflies this past week. I counted over 60 near the driveway this morning. If you are a person who like to learn about butterflies, you can get a closer look at them by checking the front bumpers and grills of the cars in the parking lots. A walk or a bike ride along the country roads is also a good place to find many kinds of dead butterflies for your collection.

These summer days are wonderful but they are slowly growing shorter. Get out and enjoy them while they last.

Naturally yours,


All art ©2013 Organic Valley

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