American Copper Butterfly

moon phase Week of 06/10/2007 Favorable time for planting late root crops. Also good for vine crops. Set strawberry plants.

Yesterday was the last day for the lilacs. They just seemed to come to an end all at once. Only a few days ago, there were still enough beautiful purple lilacs for a nice bouquet. I'll have to wait a whole year to smell the heavy fragrance of lilacs in the yard and in my house again. Oh, not to fret too long over the passing, because there's another fragrant flower to take their place. The Black Locust trees have started to bloom and their branches are covered with creamy-white blossoms. The aroma from all these blossoms is among the sweetest perfumes of spring. If there are any bees in the area, they won't be able to resist the sweet Locust blossoms. You can tell how many bees are in the trees by how loud their humming wings are. So far I've seen only native bees on the Locust blossoms. I use my binoculars to look high up in the tree and watch the bees collecting nectar.

American Copper Butterfly

I've been enjoying the Orioles and their pretty songs in the yard each day. Every morning I put 6 orange halves out for them, placing them around the yard in spots where I can see them from the house. The Orioles seem to notice them first and eagerly sample the sweet, juicy treats. The Catbirds also enjoy the oranges, as do the House finches and Red bellied woodpeckers. The ones who eat the most though aren't birds, but those rascally Chipmunks. They clean the orange halves clear to the rind. Can't say I blame them though; I eat one too.

I'm seeing the sweet little Hummingbirds more often now that there are more flowers in bloom in the yard and garden. The Irises are putting on a fashion show, adding beautiful splashed of blue and yellow. The Peonies are just starting to burst open with their huge, pink flowers. The time spent outside becomes more and more adventurous—with each day, another new sight or sound and a fresh new blossom to bury my nose in.

It rained over the weekend, which was timely. The flower seeds I planted are poking up and inch or two now and the rain means I won't have to carry water to them for a few days. The rain plus warm days and nights has caused another insect hatch. The deer flies are the first to be noticed, along with a few pesky mosquitoes. There has been a pretty good show of fireflies the past couple of nights. They always seem to put their own little exclamation points on a lovely summer night. Like a scene from a Disney movie, they flicker over the flowers in a moonlit garden. Such a gentle and beautiful presence.

Let nature treat you to the wonders of her beauty. You can help make the world a better place by simply spending more outdoors.

Naturally yours,

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