Cow in the Canary Grass

moon phase Week of 07/15/2001 Best days to harvest for drying and storage

Hey there! Watch out where you're steppin'. The tiny yellow throat dashed through the tall grass and scolded the Jersey cow. Witchity - witchity - witchity! The little warbler frantically tries to let the cow know that nearby there is a nest he has sworn to protect. He scolds her again and again with all his voice and energy but the old cow pays no attention to this crazy bird's antics.

Cow in the Canary Grass

The herd of thirty cows were just turned out onto some fresh new bottom land pasture where the canary grass grows as tall as their shoulders. Fifty feet to the right and up the fenceline another cow standing in the tall grass was being dive-bombed by an angry red-winged blackbird. Check - check - check! His bright red shoulders flashing as his wings beat up and down. Hey you there! Watch where you're putting your big feet. We were here first. The cow just shuffles along through the grass. She isn't thinking about where her feet land or the crazy bird above her. She has fresh grass on her mind and doesn't seem to notice the blackbird until he lands on her head and a few sharp pecks makes her jump to one side. She gets the message and heads in another direction. Mission accomplished, the two ounce bird that moved a 1200 lb cow, lites atop an elderberry blossom and bristles his feathers


Meanwhile the little warbler, even with his loudest song has yet to budge his bovine foe. Maybe he could learn from the blackbird. All it takes to move a cow is a couple sharp pecks on the top of the head.

Just some of the daily drama as nature's trail once again leads through the pasture. The yellow- throat is a common wetland warbler who can be found as far north as Canada in the summer and winters in the West Indies and Costa Rica.

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