Chronic Wasting Disease

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Chronic Wasting Disease

The old apple tree out behind the barn didn't produce as many apples this year as last. I have no idea what kind of apples they are but they're about the size of a baseball and don't look too bad. Good enough to eat if you don't mind a few worm holes. Guess it's time to pick a few before the front comes.

Tonight, just after sunset I spotted a couple of does standing under the old tree munching on the windfalls. Sweet apples are one of the white- tailed deer's favorite foods and they eagerly sniff them out in the tall grass.

With her lovely long neck stretched out one of the does reaches high to get an apple above her. When she can't reach any more at that level, she will stand on her hind legs to get apples even higher up in the tree.

I never get tired of watching these beautiful, graceful animals. They seem to always move in such a deliberate and slow motion manner. Their every move has a purpose.

The white-tailed deer here on the farm lands of Wisconsin have been under a lot of scrutiny. Their numbers have been mismanaged and now the population of deer is out of control. If that wasn't bad enough, a percentage of the herd had contracted "chronic wasting disease", CWD.

Thousands of sportsman are at a loss at what to do. Hunt, and risk eating a diseased animal or stay home until it blows over, if it does. The DNR says they need hunters more than ever to help curb the growing deer herd. The truth is, many hunters won't buy a permit this year because of the possible threat of disease.

There's a lot of money at stake when you figure how many businesses depend on the deer hunting season to boost their yearly profits. Sporting goods stores, real estate, clothing stores & restaurants to name a few, not to mention the extra revenue for the state in

the form of license fees and taxes. The hunters, most of them, are having their fun threatened and the businesses are threatened by losing the money and don't forget the states planned cut.

The sad thing is, everybody is worried about the deer herd but only because the deer provide them with something.

There doesn't seem to be enough people who are genuinely concerned about the plight of the white- tailed deer.

When any wildlife goes under the guidance of commercialism and politics, there's the chance of persecution and disrespect. Ethics and morals my take on new definitions to suit the selfish interests of people.

The deer and all wildlife ask nothing of us humans. It is we who have changed the world of natural harmony. It is we who should learn from the deer's example. The secrets of harmony through nature can be taught to us by all wildlife.

This morning brought a light frost over the garden and the flower beds. The leaves will be changing into their fall colors quickly now and in the next couple of weeks the Kickapoo Valley will be painted orange, red and yellow.

The seas of green corn turn crispy brown and pumpkins and squash will cure in the warm sun. Purple/blue fingers as the juicy grapes ripen will bring a smile on a cold winter's morn in the form of jelly.

It's harvest time, a time to give thanks to the bounty that the summer brings.

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