Deer Mouse

moon phase Week of 01/13/2002 Favorable days to destroy

Deer Mouse

When I take seed outside to the bird feeders each morning I spread the black sunflower seeds and cracked corn over three different tray feeders. Then I like to drop a handful of seed here and there for just the fun of it. I drop some on a large tree limb above a feeder and another goes in the crotch of the tree.

A little goes on the arm of an old chair on the back porch and a couple more handfuls go on top of some blocks of firewood near the steps. It’s fun to see what birds find these small stashes of seed. Often a squirrel or chipmunk will sit and eat it all.

This morning I noticed a small deer mouse quickly scamper up a fence post and glance around before grabbing a couple of sunflower seeds in his teeth and dashing back down and disappearing under the porch. This is a gutsy move in broad daylight but the yummy seeds must have been worth it. He makes the trip to the top of the fence post many times before he has fetched the last of the seed.

It was fun to watch the busy little mouse at work but I wondered where he was stashing his treasure. It seemed to take him about five minutes to hide the seeds and return for more. There’s no doubt that some of the mouse food would end up where it shouldn’t be. Maybe he has stuffed some in the toes of my old garden shoes or in the pockets of a couple of old jackets hanging near the cellar door. I always give a chuckle whenever I accidentally find these mouse stashes. Then my attitude changes when I think of another place they might think was a good place to hide some food. It can cause you a lot of headaches if you discover the deer mice have been hiding things under the hood of your car. There’s a hundred places to hide seed under there. The air cleaner or carburetor or even the tail pipe and muffler.

It wouldn’t be the first time a car or truck was disabled by a mouse. As usual there is trouble whenever nature and civilization collide.

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