Red and Green

moon phase Week of 07/29/2001 Fruitful days to plant above ground growth

The low hum of Hummingbird bird wings is often the first sound I hear in the morning. Just outside my open bedroom window, is a nice patch of red beebalm and the red runner bean vines that run up both sides of the window frame. Both of these beautiful red flowers are a favorite food source of the little hummers.

Red and Green

This spring I planted a row of runner beans next to the house and behind the bee balm. The beans quickly grew up past the slower growing bee balm and are now up to the overhang of the roof. Itís a pretty show of bright orange red flowers.

When I open my eyes and lie still, a hummingbird will check out the flowers in the window. I like waking up to hummingbirds and little do they know that I planned it that way. Bird feeders sometimes come in many forms.

Red, also comes in many forms. Against a backdrop of lush green leaves, a rich red male cardinal sits preening. Below him the female feeds sunflower seeds from the feeder, to a begging youngster.

On a nearby branch, a beautiful male rose-breasted grosbeak flashes his glorious breast for all to see. The feeder is joined by a female grosbeak and two begging youngsters. Like the mother cardinal, she quickly cracks open the black sunflower seeds and stuffs the meats in the mouths of the eager young. They beat their wings excitedly and twitter with anticipation for a taste of the nutritious seeds.

Feeding the birds is a year round pleasure for me. Not only do I get to watch them up close but I am treated to their wonderful songs.

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