Red-Tailed Hawk

moon phase Week of 03/16/2008 Best days for doing chores.

Have you ever wondered why the "wise old Owl" is so wise? Someone asked me that very question the other day, thinking I would probably tell them that an owl just looks wise. To me, the owl is wise because she sits quietly and listens to all that is going on around her. When she has thought it all over, she may speak in such a tone that everyone listens. The call of the Owl is her statement and everyone notices and that's what makes her so wise.

Red-Tailed Hawk

The Red-tailed hawk has his own way of making a statement. He soars high above the tree tops, circling over his nesting territory. It's time to start adding sticks to their nest in the old oak tree, and he's been busy all day. When he sees his mate coming with another nice stick in her talons, he greets her with a high-pitched, raspy scream. She could be laying her eggs in a couple of weeks, but first there are things that come first.

Today it's nearly 40 degrees, and there's a few more good Spring happenings. I saw three different flocks of Bluebirds today, as well as the return of the first Killdeer. The very best thing about this beautiful Spring day was wishing my mother a Happy Birthday over the phone.

The warmer weather has already melted a few inches of snow but it's still kind of hard to tell, because there's so much piled up everywhere. The chainsaws have been humming around the area, as folks take advantage of the nice weather to get some firewood. These are the same folks who are looking for dry wood every year around the first of March. They got kinda spoiled the past few years; it wasn't so much work to get firewood when there's no snow on the ground. This year there's 30 inches of snow on the ground on the 2nd of March, and most are wishing they'd put up more wood last fall. It will be interesting to see who's out cutting firewood next March. This year should have taught people a lesson to plan ahead.

There is yet another sign of Spring that made an appearance this week. The strong scent of Skunk drifts through the warm night air, letting everyone know that "Pepe La Pew" has awakened from his winter sleep and is out and about.

The rain started a couple hours after sunset and it came down hard enough to hear it pounding on the roof. There's no doubt it will melt a lot of the snow and I've been getting kind of anxious to see it go. The bad part is, all that water is bound to make the Kickapoo River rise. I guess if there has to be some Spring flooding, I'd rather see it happen now than a month from now, when the geese and cranes start nesting. At any rate, it's one of those things we have no control over, we too have to take it as it comes. From now on, the signs of Spring will be more and more obvious with each passing day as the battle between the change in seasons continues. The Spring rain that came in the night, changed to snow before morning—so Winter won the battle, but Spring will surely win the war, as it does every year.

Next morning, there was an inch of new snow on the ground but when I walked out the door, I was greeted by the cheery song of a Robin.

Let yourself be drawn to the changes around you, and let Spring dazzle your eyes and ears by taking a walk down Nature's trail.

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