House Wrens

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This summer morning starts out with the sweet warble of a house wren just outside my bedroom window. He seemed to be saying to me, "come on sleepy head, the day has started and its so great that it makes me sing a song."

House Wrens

The wren's beautiful song is quite unique and is easily remembered. The high pitched warble comes out with a sweet melody that is truly music to the ear.

These happy little birds have the same qualities as the little chickadee. They both are courageous, busy, hyper and come with a gift of a beautiful song. Besides all this, they are happy, friendly and also seem to have little fear of humans.

Ever since I can remember there has been at least one pair of wrens meeting in one of the many bird houses in the yard. The truth is, if you have 3 or 4 wren houses in the yard, they might carry sticks to all of them before picking one to lay their eggs in. Pound for pound they are the busiest birds. The house wrens who came back around the first of May, could already have raised a brood of young wrens. Six days to lay a clutch, 14 days of incubation, 14 days before fledging. Now that's getting busy.

If you pay attention and watch the wrens building their nest you may be able to guess when the young wrens will fly out of the house. One after the other the youngsters sit at the hole and muster the courage to take that first wobbly short flight into the big world. Around 30 days after the first egg is laid, start watching the hole in the wren house for a young wren ready to make that first flight.

The easy way is to open the bird house to see how far the family is along but personally I recommend against it. Your scent trail leading to the bird house is an invitation for a predator like a coon, possum or cat to follow. If itís the cat both the adults and the young are in danger.

To hear the lovely songs of the house wren, simply put up a wren house or two.

Till next time when meet again down nature's trail.

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