Indigo Bunting

moon phase Week of 07/13/2008 Extra good for fall cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, mustard greens and other leafy vegetables. Good for any above ground crop that can be planted now.

This Fourth of July was a bit anti-climactic for me—no fireworks or loud bangs, just a pleasant summer evening in the garden. As luck would have it, though, Mother Nature provided me with a spectacular light show of her own on Monday night.

Indigo Bunting

It was late afternoon when the breeze picked up from the West, bringing with it some darker low-hanging clouds. Then the smell of rain hit the air, as the clouds began to pass by faster and appeared to be rolling over each other like fluffy, gray boulders. It was a half hour before sunset and the light reflecting through the storm clouds made them look eerily illuminated. Then the clouds began to swirl in opposite directions, as they constantly blended together and drifted apart like a thick liquid in a mixing bowl.

Leafy branches waved to me from every direction and some even threw their leaves to the wind, like flowers from an adoring audience. That's when the fireworks began, as a huge, long bolt of white lightning with spider-like legs flashed against the black clouds. Seconds later came a deep resounding burst of thunder that made me jump, even though I knew it was coming. The smell of fresh rain became a reality as large droplets danced off the metal roof of my house. The rain grew heavier and the lightning and thunder grew more intense, as though shaking the rain from the clouds.

As the center of the storm passed by, the dark clouds turned back to gray and a light, quiet rain fell gently on the valley. It was now only ten minutes before sunset, and the clouds above me began to part, exposing a large patch of blue sky above me. Then from thin air came a hint of color in the blue, as the large arch of a rainbow began to reach up over the treetops on the east side of the valley. I knew this would be a special rainbow, because it was so near sunset. Sure enough, as I watched the rainbow's arch grew more defined with red, yellow, blue and green. Then the sky changed slowly from light blue, to yellow gold, and the few remaining clouds turned a pretty pink. The fireworks display has yet to be made that can compare with this beautiful, colorful sky in front of me. As the day slowly turned to night and the sun slipped below the horizon, Nature's colorful sky show faded into memory.

A good fireworks display always has that little something extra at the end of the show. A fresh stillness loomed over the valley as darkness fell, and the stars began to twinkle in the cobalt sky. To top off the event, the yard and meadow came alive with the flashing, tiny lights of a thousand fireflies. It was a sight that lingered with me until bed and gave me peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams. I can always count on Mother Nature to adjust my mood and influence my perspective on life. She never lets me down. Maybe that's why she showed me that yellow-gold sky around a beautiful rainbow—to remind me that all that glitters isn't gold, but there really area treasures at the rainbow's end.

Naturally yours,


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