Indigo Bunting

moon phase Week of 06/17/2001 Planting for above ground growth

In the early morning fog, a small dark bird perched at the top of a small dead tree near the garden. The red runner beans I planted had nearly reached the 15 feet to the top. As the sun broke through, his true colors came to be. The sunlight reflected the beautiful dark blue plumage of the Indigo Bunting. The warm rays made him throw his head back and sing his lovely song. His song is a lively, brisk, high- pitched trill and can be heard through out the summer in any wooded area from the Rocky Mountains to the east coast.

Indigo Bunting

Planting flowers like the red runner beans, coneflowers, morning glories, bee balm and others, provide food for many birds and insects. The other reason for having these beautiful flowers is getting to see the likes of an Indigo Bunting in the picture.

The brilliant red flowers on the bean vines are just starting to bloom and convinced me that indigo looks wonderful next to any color.

The Indigo Bunting is one of the fair weather birds here in Wisconsin. They spend their winters in Mexico, Panama and Cuba and their summers in the eastern half of North America.

The female Bunting is a less conspicuous sparrow-like brown, and is rarely seen as she stays hidden in the lush green woods. The brave male is just the opposite, as he sings in the sunlight from the highest perch.

Summer just wouldn't be summer without the bold song and the unique blue of the Indigo Bunting.

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