Jacob's Ladder

moon phase Week of 05/14/2006 Best time to plant root crops.

This spring's spectacular production of the rebirth of life has touched the hearts of everyone who lives here in beautiful southwest Wisconsin. The many shades of green keep me in a constant state of wonder and amusement, and lend more passion to my already feverish spring mood. I'm in total awe of how vivid life has become these past two months.

Jacob's Ladder

The shows of wildflowers take my breath away at times. A walk at dusk two months ago led me through a stand of tall, mature Sugar maples. Everything glowed in green, from the lush light green leaves of the maples to the rich green short undergrowth. Here, in this magic place the ground was covered for several acres with white Anemones. All I could do was stand in this blanket of white and take it in.

This spring has been extra special because I have had many experiences I would consider almost magical. Evening walks are my favorite for taking in the beautiful wildflowers. The soft light at the very end of the day seems to give the flowers and extra glow. Add the call of the Whip-poor-will and the songs of the frogs and it creates a very memorable moment.

Spring splendor is already reaching its peak, with the return of the Hummingbirds and the lovely blooms of Columbine they frequent. The American toads are singing their tweetering chorus the way I remember them sounding when I was a boy. Already I've heard the low "thunk" of a Bullfrog, too.

All the colors of the rainbow, which I've been waiting all winter to see, are here now for me to enjoy. This week saw the return of the brilliant orange Northern Orioles. On their arrival, I cut a couple of oranges in half and placed them outside where I can watch the orange birds eating the juicy fruit.

The apple tree north of the house is completely covered with snow-white blossoms. More often than not, a late frost claims the tree's blossoms, foiling its chances to bear fruit. This year, though, the old tree is showing new life and the Honeybees are visiting to collect the bounty.

Along the river bottom, where soft maples shade the ground, the blossoming Bluebells make a blanket so thick you would think the blue sky had fallen and come to rest here. I stood in this knee-high abundance of baby blue flowers yesterday just after sunset, feeling enchanted. The songs of the first wood thrush echoed from the deep woods across the road, adding to the magical quality of the moment.

These are the things that give real pleasure to my life—the real, yet magical things that add a sense of wonder and hope to my tired day-to-day. I brought this sweet bouquet of Jacob's ladder in to my drawing table to add magical scent and color to the house.

The female Sandhill cranes are incubating their two eggs a little early this year. There could be little fuzzy brown crane chicks before June. Soon the hen turkey will be seen out with her new chicks, foraging the ground for edibles. Unlike the baby cranes, the little turkey chicks grow their flight feathers early, giving them the ability to fly up to the safety of the tree branches if necessary.

No matter where you live, spring is a great time to go outside and enjoy the true meaning of life. Let spring show you the way down Nature's trail and lead to your own enchanted moments.

Naturally yours,

Dan Hazlett

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