Sugar Maple Trees

moon phase Week of 09/23/2001 Favorable days to plant root crops

Autumn really became apparent this week here in the valley as the trees started to change color. Iím always glad for the gradual change but this year the green will disappear fast. There hasnít been a frost, yet the maple trees are turning yellow and orange in spite of it.

Sugar Maple Trees

At the end of the pasture stands a single sugar maple tree whose leaves are completely hot orange. Itís almost as though the big tree has just bought a new dress and has stepped out into the open to show everyone how beautiful it is. This particular maple tree is a favorite of mine because it is always one of the first trees to greet the arrival of fall with its flashy fall colors. In the winter the tree, all by itself, is a good tree to see a hawk perched high in her bare branches.

Last Tuesday night the air was heavy with a hint of rain but by 8:30 p.m. a cheshire cat moon was peeking out from around the clouds. That smile of a moon wasnít enough to brighten the night sky but the darkness gave way to the clear, melodic, single note calls of songbirds as they passed over in the night skies. Hundreds of them spread out and followed each other as they headed straight south in the darkness. They must have figured it was a good night to migrate and I was lucky enough to hear them. I learned years ago that 80% of birds make their southerly migrations at night.

It seemed kinda strange to hear so many birds passing over yet not being able to see a single one. I couldnít even identify them from their soft calls but it didnít matter, I knew which trail they were on and I wished them a safe journey.

See you next year summer. Weíll all be looking forward to your warm greenness once again.

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