Many Moons

moon phase Week of 11/04/2001 Excellent days to harvest for drying

As the sun sinks out of sight on the western horizon, the sky is suddenly painted in purple and pink. Mother Nature again proves that her wondrous beauties are not just bound to earth. To prove her point, a huge, full, orange moon appears on the eastern horizon. A giant orange sphere in a cobalt sky. What a way to greet an autumn night.

Many Moons

In September the full moon came as a harvest moon and glowed silver /white. It was a striking sight to say the least, but not as shockingly beautiful as October 31st Halloween moon. The ole "man in the moon" looked three times bigger than last monthís full moon. The reflection from the sun as it created the horizon gave the moon a glowing pumpkin orange surface. The face of the "man in the moon" may be the first to appear on jack- o-lanterns. Seems pretty logical when you see one of these big orange moons.

The dense layers around the earth make the full moon seem larger than it usually is. As the moon rises higher in the sky it slowly changes color, fading from orange to yellow then to white. Itís the perfect night for trick or treats.

The full moon appearing on Halloween wonít happen again until the year 2020 and last showed itself in 1955.

It is the perfect time to go for a walk down natureís trail. The moonlight will shine your way and cast long dark shadows from all it touches.

Walk slowly and quietly and pay attention to what moves in the shadows. It may be a white- tailed doe with her fawns or a buck with his antlers gleaming in the moonlight. You may see a possum or a raccoon high in a tree silouhetted against the bright night sky. A rabbit or skunk may run down the trail ahead of you then dart into the tall grass.

I often take advantage of the moonlight and go for a nightly walk. I never know what I might see.

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