Morning Walk

moon phase Week of 05/27/2001 Best days for planting

My morning walk down nature's trail leads me along a babbling stream not far from my house. How at peace I felt as nature's beauty was all around me. I thought, what a wonderful world it would be if everyone could feel this. No one will argue that they don't feel better when outside and closer to mother nature.

Morning Walk

Most people's lives are moving at such a fast fast pace that the slow rhythm of the natural world seems more comforting. We all long for more quality time in our lives but there isn't enough time for quality time. Yet we seem to strive to go even faster to provide us with the things we think we want. This usually makes us long for that slower pace even more. This desire to be closer to nature is proven more and more each year. More and more people are searching for the thing they really want, to be outside.

I sat in the cool grass on the bank of the stream and listened to the music the water made as it rushed over the stones. I picked a leaf of wild mint and crushed it to my nose. The fresh smell of mint made me close my eyes and sigh as I placed it in my mouth.

As I chewed, I wished that everyone could taste how fresh this natural treat really is. I heard the voices of several people on bicycles as they came down the road through the valley. There has been lots more folks getting out on bikes and cycles. More and more folks fishing, boating and camping. In Wisconsin, state park reservations went from 36,000 in 1998 to 103,265 in the year 2000 and going up. That proves there's a desire to be closer to mother earth.

I truly hope that everyone will give themselves the time to slow down this summer and be outside more often. It will help you to find a more peaceful rhythm for your life. Finding this rhythm is only as close as a walk down nature's trail.

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