House Mouse

moon phase Week of 07/22/2001 Favorable days to plant flowers

It's just after sun-up and I'm out in the old cattle barn where inside the door is a metal trash can where I keep some shell corn. A coffee can full keeps the squirrels busy at the bird feeders and maybe they won't eat quite so many sunflower seeds. I had spilled a few kernels on the dirt floor and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something move along the wall. When I focussed there was nothing to be seen. Nothing except a small hole chewed through the bottom of a barn board in the wall.

House Mouse

I learned a long time ago that if you think you saw a mouse, the chances are good you did. Knowing this, I watched the hole for awhile and sure enough, out popped a little house mouse. He dashed over to a piece of corn, picked it up and dashed back into his hole. All in a heart beat. I sprinkled a few more kernels on the ground and headed back to the house.

I don't have a mouse problem, there's just a few mice around. They haven't caused me much grief so I kinda let them go on about their business. Besides, they could be food for the big fox snake that I've seen around the garden lately. Or he could get caught by the little screech owl who watches each night from the owl box in a tree near the house. A mink or weasel may come prowling around at night and also discover the mouse's hole. Truth is there's lots of animals and birds who would catch and eat a mouse if they have the chance.

Seems that little mouse has a hard enough time making a living without me putting on extra pressure. As long as the mice don't eat me out of house and home, I guess I'll let them be and let nature take its course.

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