Portable Possum Family

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Portable Possum Family

The benefits we acquire from being outside are never ending. There is no substitute for spending the day outside in the clean fresh air and sunshine. It gives us a new awareness or does it awaken an old one? Thereís no doubt that being close to nature will open doors to your heart and soul. The summer sun will warm all who appear beneath it.

To simply take the time to sit in the sun for awhile or take a stroll around your property, can set the tone for the day!

Thatís why gardening is so important. No matter how big your garden is, it gives you the opportunity to be outside when tending to it. Whether your garden is a small one for flowers or a 200 acre farm, you need to tend to it. Nature gently teaches those who are outdoors.

These warm summer evenings are also a wonderful time to get in touch with nature. The night air will clean your lungs, clear your head and the darkness will humble your spirit.

Tonight I was drawn outside by the call of a whip-poor-will. Before it knew it, I was standing in the yard and listening. Listening for all the sounds of the night. From the pond came the calls of several tree frogs and the seasonís first fireflies danced on the tall grass.

A low humming of wings and I see a large dragonfly as he lands on my arm. I gaze at his delicate body for a moment then gently blow him from my arm. With a faint hum of wings he disappears into the night. I think of him surviving the little brown bats who are searching for insects.

I looked in the direction of the creek when I heard rustling in the grass, but nothing appeared. On this side of the window, several moths fluttered about a candle and a pane of glass. How determined they are to burn their tiny wings.

Again the rustle of grass near the creek caught my attention. Then from behind the cover of green stepped a large opossum. Waddling slowly, she made her way through the garden right towards me. I stood quietly and let her pass by and I could plainly see why she looked so big. On her entire back rode all her babies. They clung to her in all directions and trusted where she was taking them. I tried to get a count of how many little possum faces there were but lost track at eleven. Iím sure there were some hidden on the other side of mom.

The portable possum family disappeared in the short grass which led into the darkness near the shed.

If I wouldnít have been outside tonight I would have missed the possum family and all the other callings of nature. They tell you who they are and invite you to learn how their lives are lived.

Being outdoors will give us the chance to learn about the pace which nature sets and what true freedom really is.

Even if you must let the clock dictate the time you spend outdoors, just do it. Night or day, take a walk down natureís trail.

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