moon phase Week of 03/17/2002 Favorable day to plant root crops

I woke this morning to the song of a robin red-breast singing outside my window. The rush of spring shot through me as I looked out to see him standing proud on a fence post in the garden.

After getting dressed, I went out and stood on the porch for a closer taste of this fine spring morning. The air felt soft and warm and spoke softly of the thaw that would soon come.

A black-capped chickadee sang his song of spring from the bushes behind the house and another called a return from along the creek, behind the barn.

A beautiful male bluebird sang his song as he flew past me and landed on the bluebird house near the garden. He seemed bluer than blue and his bright orange breast clashed with the snowless winter surroundings.

I took a long deep breath and savored the clean, fresh taste of spring. From now on I will rise each day with a new anticipation for life.

After a quick breakfast, my walk down nature’s trail took me along the woods to a pasture. The cattle were gone but a flock of 20 turkeys were in a close group at the far end. I crouched down and watched them with binoculars. The hens seemed busy picking through the dead grass for tidbits and ignored the strutting toms. Hard as they tried, with their breast thrust and their huge tails fanned out, they couldn’t get the ladies’ attention.

A sense of courtship drifted on the morning air as the tom turkeys competed with each other for the title of "most handsome at the dance."

As I watched, a killdeer flew over me and called his alarm. He had spotted me and the call went out. All the turkeys’ heads shot up to see what the trouble was, so I slowly backed away and left them alone to resume their party.

Dozens of red-winged blackbirds landed in the top of a large cottonwood tree along the creek. Their excited clammer made me wonder if they were happy to stop for a rest or were they anxious to get going. I think the later, because the lure of spring is ever drawing them to the north. To places they need to be. With the blur of a hundred black wings, they leaped to the sky and together, as one, they flew onward.

This is a perfect time to get outside and take a walk down nature’s trail, a stroll through a park or along a river or lake. A walk around the farm is always a good way to get acclimated to spring. Even an early morning walk down the streets of your town will stir ancient spring calling in you.

Mother Earth is awakened and she invites us all to take notice of all her glorious beauty. It’s therapy for the heart and soul.

All art ©2013 Organic Valley

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