Spring in the Valley

moon phase Week of 05/10/2009 Plant late beets, potatoes, onions, carrots, and other root crops.

It was a beautiful first week of May, with lots of sunshine and flowers and green pastures with cows that graze for hours. Chickadee Chickadee A robin in the sun, another on her nest, and a happy house wren who sings out his best. A Rose-breasted grosbeak who has just arrived adds new colors so bright and alive. The pretty Spring beauties that catch your eye, and open window, a cat that watches the world go by.

The painted turtles sun on a log, listening to music of the chorus frogs. Water striders keep in stride in the calm waters of the riverside.

The new green Willow is aglow with spring's first leaves, plus pollen that drifts and makes you sneeze.

Balitimore Oriole enjoying an orange Balitimore Oriole enjoying an orange There's so much to do, each moment is busy—just thinking about it can make me dizzy. But the season is free and I feel alive, and grateful that winter let me survive. These are the days I've loved since birth—the spring awakening of mother earth.

The swallows find joy in the way they can fly and a catbird meows from the thicket nearby. A bunting with feathers of Indigo blue is proof that the small can be quite striking too.

Leopard Frog Leopard Frog A chipmunk's first day seems way overdue. He eats enough birdseed to fill a large shoe, then scampers off to take a short nap—but before you know it, ol' Chippy is back.

A tree frog is hiding and sings his soft trill, is he under the porch or up on the hill?

One morning it's frosty, the next one is fog
that rises above the marsh's wet bog.
The sun rises high and melts it away—
so goes each morning of a spring day in May.
The changes are many with the passing of time,
so many new places to make the next rhyme.

It's no wonder we people are so happy about the coming of spring. After all, everybody else in the natural world is. Ruby-throated Hummingbird Ruby-throated Hummingbird It was good to see so many people along the banks of trout streams and rivers for the opening of fishing season last weekend. It's good to know there are so many who enjoy being outside and face-to-face with Nature. There's so much to hear and see, so much to experience, so many tales to share with others.

Monday brought a little rain and a warm gentle breeze and all day long I heard an Oriole's song. I put some orange slices out for him as a "thank you" gift.

Squirrel hiding in the tree Squirrel hiding in the tree A woodthrush's song just might be the loveliest of all. He keeps to himself, singing from the leaf-covered shelter of his rain-barrel home.

Do you remember springtime was like when you were a kid? Did it swell in your heart and spark a new curious energy inside you? For me, spring days were the most important times in my young life. It was perfect to live in the moment and learn from what nature had to offer. It's time we all revisit that childhood drive, and let spring come to us. Get reacquainted with the outdoors!

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