A Beautiful Sunshiny Day

moon phase Week of 08/09/2009 Root crops that can be planted now will yield well.

Sandhill cranes sunning Sandhill cranes sunning Tuesday was going to be a beautiful sunshiny day.  I could tell it would be a good day to hang out some laundry.  The clotheslines were half full of blue jeans, t-shirts and bedding by 7 oíclock.  Itís always a job I like to get done early in the day and thereís a nice reward, clean sheets that have been dried on a summer breeze.

When I was younger a day that started with a cloudy sky could have its rewards.  It meant a good day for duck hunting or walking the marsh grassland with my old dog in search of the elusive rooster pheasant.  Bergamot in full bloom Bergamot in full bloom I havenít hunted for a long, long time and these days I prefer to start with clear skies and sunshine.  The Sandhill cranes seem to think so too and they greet the warmth of the morning sun.

The pretty white daisies always look brighter and happier in the morning sun.  The meadow is in bloom and seems to come to life in vibrant colors as the early morning rays spread slowly over the tall grass.  The tall lavender bergamot is eager to greet the sun and lure the bees to the nectar they so desire.

The first thing the crows do each morning is find something to eat.  Their sharp vision doesnít miss anything that resembles a possible meal on the ground below. Crows always know a good thing when they find it. Crows always know a good thing when they find it. While in town at the laundromat, I noticed a sassy black crow landed at the edge of the driveway.  In town the crows arenít as shy as they are at my place, only a couple of miles away.  The crow was quick to snap up a small red object that he flew off with.  Crows always know a good thing when they find it.

Each sunny morning a whole new bunch of squash blossoms appear on the vines so I thought I would have a little closer look.  A fat American toad hopped out from under a big squash leaf.  I donít know who was more startled, the toad or me.  It seemed like a nice cool place to quietly spend a summer day, if youíre a toad.

Face to face with the frog Face to face with the frog As the sun warms the banks of the meadow stream and the marsh pond, the frogs climb out of the water and warm themselves.  A morning walk along the banks is always a good place to see frogs.  A little Wood frog glistens in the warm rays of the morning sun, itís a good time of day to see these otherwise shy frogs.

The sunshine has brought out another sure sign of summer, a boy and a fishiní pole.  Like all the other wildlife, heís living in the moment.  There is no better way for anyone to spend a summer day, ankle deep in the cool water5, barefoot and grounded to mother earth. Wood Frog in maze of algae Wood Frog in maze of algae I thought back to when I was that boy and remembered how good it felt each time I took off my shoes, which was often each day.  Itís always much better than having to put them on again.  Most of the time I would just stuff the socks into the shoes and tie them together then hang them over the handle bars of my bike.  Going barefoot all day was just something you did all summer. 

I could see this boy was having some trouble getting a worm to stay so I showed him how, the same way I was taught at his age.  He couldnít wait to get back in the water. I knew then that he was hooked on nature.

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donna from from seattle wa on August 15, 2009 at 10:45:24 AM
Getting hooked on nature, I can remember being ten years old and going to the libtary to borrow my liesure reading material time. My reading of choice books that explained how to care for animals or books about exploring nature. It was about that time I decided a pet racoon would be a fine pet to have. Although it was not an ideal pet for a child who lived lived in San Francisco, when I told my parents of this dream they didn't discourage me and yet now when I think about it they didn't rush out and purchase me one either.
The did take me camping in Yosemite every year and allowed me to spend many hours at the children's museum where a pet racoon lived. I soon realized the impossibility of having a pet racoon but I did fall in love with a beauriful honey colored tortise I got to take home on loan over and over again. I learned to enjoy nature walks, recognize birds and their songs, dentify wildflowers and remember their medicinal uses.
Today I received a letter from Social Security announcing at 64 and a half, I was eligible for social security. I put the letter away; picked up my school books and headed out for a nights work, in the morning I had an exam to pass and planned to study tonight during my lunch break.
Leaving I pause to listen to my birds, silly things even in the middle of the night they insist making a racket when I leave and sing when I return home. It's at those times listening to my birdsI am transported back to a time when I am ten years old and I am hooked on nature.
Rx: Nature
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