The Wolf

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Have you ever heard the excited calls of coyotes on a moonlit night or maybe the yelping of a fox as he calls to his mate? Imagine what it must be like to be so full of life that you have to sing. Life is so good when it instinctively comes out in a song.The Wolf

In the far north, another wild animal sings to the winter moon. The wolfís long lonely howl may be filled with more joy than sadness. They sing with pure emotion and respect for their companions. The call of a wild wolf can bring your heart to your ears and make the hair stand on the back of your neck.

The wolf disappeared from Wisconsin by the first part of the twentieth century due to hunting and trapping. In recent years they have been successfully reintroduced to the northern third of the state. Their numbers have reached several hundred and they have been spotted as far south as Madison.

A healthy population of white-tailed deer can make for a healthy population of wolves since deer are the favorite food of the wolf. The stage is set for a collision between the wolf and man. The white-tailed deer population has grown and is still growing and manís attempt to manage them has backfired. Could it be that the wolf with so much to eat may also become a problem for humans? Itís already happened. Farmers in some rural areas of the state are up in arms over wolves killing their livestock. There are many who believe there is no room for both wolf and people.

The wolves are considered an endangered species and therefore are protected by law. If their numbers begin to grow the ban on killing them will be lifted as pressure from the public becomes greater. Makes me wonder about the purpose of this management system. Is it to raise these beautiful wild animals just so we have the opportunity to kill them?

There is a place in nature for both the deer and the wolf, they can live in harmony, there is no question about that. Thatís how it was intended. The real question is where do people fit into this equation?

The wolf is very much like humans in many ways. Wolves have a great sense of family and may take only just one mate for life. Their sense of community has strengthened from centuries of living together and depending on each other.

For thousands of years the native people worshipped the Dog Star, Sirius. It is said to be where our teachers came from. To the ancient Egyptians, Sirius was the home of the gods. In many Native American cultures, the greatest teachers of the community were known as the wolf clan. The wolf is Great Spiritís greatest teacher.

We need to examine more carefully the reasons why the wolf is coming forward these days. What is he trying to teach us? Itís time to hear with our hearts and listen to the true message that the wolf brings to us. Maybe he is telling us that in order to save the planet, we need to learn how to live with life in all forms including the wolf.

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