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Week of August 5th, 2007 | The weather was rainy & humid.

Baby chicks in the incubator.

Baby chicks in the incubator.

It was a Monday morning at 7:30 when the post office called. I over heard my dad talking on the phone:

"Okay, we will come pick them up within the next half an hour. All right then, thank-you."

Pick up what I wondered? Usually mail gets delivered to your mailbox and usually mail is not referred to as "them." But at 7:30 in the morning sleep overcame my curiosity. About an hour later I reawake and go downstairs. There was my dad sipping his coffee.

"What did you have to pick up at the post office?"

"Oh, good morning to you too."

"Sorry dad, good morning."

"The "mail" is in the shed by the barn."


I ran out the door in my pajamas to the shed next to the barn. I really had absolutely no idea what to expect. I opened the big wooden door. There in the middle of the shed huddled up were a bunch of furry baby chicks under a heated lamp. We had had chicks before but I had forgotten how warm your heart felt when you see them. They are like balls of fur with little legs. These little chicks had arrived by mail in a very little box! (I later found out that we had ordered 100 chicks). What a wonderful surprise! Very carefully I knelt down to pick one up. Now I remembered how fragile they are—you can feel every bone in their body. Baby chicks! 100 new animals!

"If I could name all of you, I would." I said before heading back inside for breakfast.

"More work, ha?" My dad murmured.

"Yeah, but more fun," I replied.

Now the chicks are three times their size! They are a month old. Everyday they become harder to catch and less cute. They have lost a lot of their baby fluff and are beginning to look like chickens, but still beautiful.

Your farm friend,

Farm Fact: A chicken can travel 9 miles an hour. This is usually a combined effort of running, jumping and flying. Chickens, like other birds and mammals, experience rapid eye movement (REM) when they sleep. And, chickens have over 200 distinct noises they can make for communicating.

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