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Week of October 13th, 2002 | The weather was colder.

Cleanest corn we've ever grown!

Cleanest corn we've ever grown!

Hello! I am SO happy! Harvest season has started for us!!! I love harvesting corn and I love the wonderful smell and scent of fall. It is my favorite time of the year as well as my dad's. My late grandfather enjoyed this time of the year, as well.

Monday, Dad took down an auger feeding system that was part of the silo. The auger was not in use any more and was in our way. Tuesday, Dad helped our neighbors. Their combine broke down while harvesting corn. Dad was asked to help him weld the broken piece back together. After I came home from school, Dad and I poured some cement for another neighbor. He worked until after dark, so he asked us to do it for him. I think we did a really nice job. He appreciated our help. He helps us with chores at times when we have to be gone.

Wednesday, Dad sold 5 hogs. Sammy was a big help! After Dad got back home from delivering the hogs, he continued work on the ear corn picker. We had to replace the rubber cleaning rollers. They are rubber rollers that clean the ear corn. I came out to the shop after school and helped Dad put the rollers back into the harvesting unit. They are heavy and it takes two people to lift them into the machine. Thursday, Dad continued preparing the ear corn picker. Dad had to replace the engine oil, clean the engine, make sure all of the lights were working, wash the windows, fill the gas tank up full, check the tires, and any other maintenance jobs.

After school, Dad, Mom, and I went to Decorah to the local food coop store where they had their annual "Taste of the Harvest" event. We cooked and served organic pork. It was a BIG hit with the people attending. I had fun helping with this. There were many other tables serving a variety of foods that are sold there.

Dad finished working on the combine Friday morning. In the mid-afternoon on Friday, Dad started picking corn. He picked one load, and then I picked 3 more. I love driving the picker! Jolene came home after her last class Friday afternoon. We all went to the New Hampton high school football game Friday night. I was in the marching band playing the trombone. The marching band played pep songs in the stands during the first half. Then, at half time, we went out on the field and marched while we played. That was fun. After half time was over, the band went back into the school, dressed out of their uniforms, and went out to watch the second half of the game. New Hampton won. We thought it was going to be a very close game, but it wasn't. We won 31-6! We did awesome, considering this was the game against our main rival. Everybody thought it would be a close scoring game.

It rained Saturday morning. Dad and I unloaded some loads of ear-corn in the corncrib. In the afternoon, the rain cleared up and we were able to pick corn. Jolene wanted to pick corn Saturday afternoon! I was looking forward to doing this job all year!!! Being a nice brother, I let her pick corn instead. I helped Dad haul corn and unload corn. Saturday night, the corncrib was full with only 8 loads of ear corn. (One load is a grain wagon full.) We have three more corncribs to fill and they each hold a lot more than the first one.

At the top of this page, you can click on the words 'Glossary of Farm Terms'. In this reference source, you can find pictures and definitions on harvesting.

Farm Fact: This year, we are having the best corn crop yield Dad has every seen in his life. Yield is how much grain is produced from one acre. The corn ears are large and the kernels are big, too. We only started corn picking and one of our corncribs are full! If we get all four corncribs full, that means we have an ear corn storage shortage. Dad never had this kind of a harvesting problem before!

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