Making Hay
Week of October 20th, 2002 | The weather was getting colder .

Ears waiting for the harvest

Ears waiting for the harvest

How's it going? The weather is getting colder. Autumn is definitely here! Leaves from the trees are turning color - from green to yellow, orange, and red. Many leaves are falling down. It's a pretty time of the year. Mom has the front yard decorated with fall decorations and pumpkins. She made a scarecrow for the garden that looks really great! We have almost everything out of the garden now except the potatoes and carrots. Mom will dig these out of the ground soon. This past week she took out our sweet potatoes that we grew. We had a nice bunch out of the small patch that she planted.

Since Jolene was home over the weekend, we took Mom out to eat on Sunday. The occasion was Mom's birthday, even though her birthday wasn't until Monday. We ate at a restaurant in Cedar Falls, where Jolene goes to school. Afterwards, we went to Jolene's dorm room at the University of Northern Iowa. I think Jolene has her room pretty organized and clean! It's really nice!! Mom had to work on Monday for her birthday and was very surprised when she received a vase full of roses at work from dad and us kids for her birthday. She really liked them.

On Monday and Tuesday, Dad and I picked ear corn. Dad picked and unloaded all the corn he could by himself while I was at school. After school, both evenings, we picked about 4 loads of corn. The corn is yielding well.

You won't believe what happened on Wednesday!!! CNN News interviewed Dad and me! I went to school in the morning. I came home after school lunch. Mom picked me up after she got off work early. Dad was interviewed in the morning and when I came home, they interviewed me about life on an organic farm. I thought my interview went really well. Then, they got footage of our hogs in the hoop building and out in the pasture. I had a lot of fun! This will be on CNN "Business Unusual", 3pm EST on October 27th. The crew was from New York and when dad let them drive the tractor they acted like little kids!!

It rained and snowed a little on Wed. night. Thursday, Dad fixed and prepared the cattle yard for the calves to be moved there for the winter. After he was done, Dad moved the cows' home. The cowherd spent the night around the cattle yard to calm down because they don't like to have their calves segregated.

Friday, Dad separated the calves from the mother cows. This has to be done because the calves need to live on a separate diet from now until market time. Dad and I picked 3 loads of corn Friday night, too.

Saturday, I went to a 4-H meeting. There, I became the 2002-2003 Alta Vista Aces 4-H Club's treasurer. I was hoping to be elected president, but treasurer is good enough for me! Maybe next year! Also on Saturday, Dad and I harvested all of our beans, which was about 50 acres. We had a custom operator taking out the beans while we unloaded the wagons. We also picked some more ear corn. That made for a busy Saturday of harvest.

Jess came home Saturday. Her and mom went to a friend's wedding Saturday afternoon. She was a classmate of Jess. They had a really nice time. Jess visited with friends from back home here and other classmates. Dad and I didn't go because we were busy in the field. Jess just stayed overnight. It was good to see her. She just finished student teaching since early Sept. at the public high school in Storm Lake, Iowa, and will now be student teaching middle school in Cherokee, Iowa, until mid December. She then will be graduating from college. Jolene was invited to the wedding, too. She couldn't make it home for the wedding because she had a busy weekend at school.

Farm Fact: An ear of corn weighs about a half pound. If you break the ear in half you can see the rows of kernels. Ears always have even numbers of rows. Most have 16 or 18 and some will have as many as 22 rows. Lots of rows of kernels and deep kernels make for high yields.

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