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Week of June 6th, 2004 | The weather was sunny, finally.

FFA parade float

FFA parade float

Happy June! I am now out of school and my summer vacation has begun. Last Sunday, Mom, Dad, and I went fishing at Clear Lake. It was a great day for fishing. We had a lot of luck! We brought home 35 bullheads. There were a lot of people fishing.

The story of the day was when I reeled in two bullheads on my line. Actually, what happened was Mom got a bite on her line and as she was reeling it in, her line broke. I was lucky enough to hook it onto my line and at the same time doing this, my line had a bite. So I brought in two fish at one time. Now that's a great fish tale! Well, after a few minutes, guess what? Mom had a bite again, and after having her line fixed, it ended up breaking again. I hooked it with my line and was able to bring her catch in. Too bad I didn't have a bite on mine that time. That would have really been something to bring in two fish at a time twice in one day. The lake was filled with very large carp. There were a couple of guys that were spear fishing these. After we got home, it took a while for Dad and I to clean all of our bullheads we caught.

On Memorial Day morning, I marched in the New Hampton parade with the high school marching band. The weather was really nice. We can use dry, warm days because of all of the flooding we've had from our recent rains. We still need to plant our soybeans and cut first crop hay. Hopefully, this coming week will be dry for us to get all of our work caught up. Mom cooked some of our fish we caught for dinner on Monday. They were good! In the afternoon, I helped Mom and Dad with some landscaping projects around the yard.

After our Memorial weekend rains, my cornfield, for the second time, was severely damaged by floodwaters. This time, some of the land was damaged so severely, it will have to be reconstructed. There will be no crop grown on some of the land. This damage was caused by excessive flooding from a large area of land that drains into the waterway near my field. Floodwaters backed up and cut a new channel through a fence. This channel cut into my field and did a lot of damage.

During the week, Dad and I cleaned out a hoop building and also helped out our friend and cleaned his hoop building because he doesn't have the proper equipment.

In the shop, I dismantled our tine-weeding harrow. I am replacing the teeth with a new style to be used in soybeans. A harrow is used for removing weeds in crops. This week I will finish this job and put the harrow back together.

Alta Vista Day was on Saturday. I was in the parade with the New Hampton FFA Chapter. I helped build our float over the last month. We will enter our float for other parades during the summer in the area. I pulled the float with our John Deere 3020 tractor in Saturday's parade. I washed and cleaned our tractor before the parade. That took some time! We had lots of compliments on how great the float turned out. We took two sheets of large plywood, tightened with a come-along in the center of a snowmobile trailer. It looked like an A-frame style sign. On each side of the painted blue plywood, we fastened large signs of the FFA emblem. We included our members' names and various projects we do throughout the year. We had a couple of potted trees and rock at the end of our float to decorate it a little more. We threw out candy and had a lot of fun.

Farm Fact: Using three spreaders and one loader, three of us cleaned a hoop building out in two hours. We hauled about fifteen loads, or 60 ton of manure.

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