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Week of November 11th, 2007 | The weather was seasonable.

Jacob with his brother.

Jacob with his brother.

Hello readers,

My name is Jacob Berg and I live in Coon Valley, Wisconsin. I am 11 years old and my birthday is February 7th. I live on a farm with my mom, dad, and brother, Kenny. My grandma and grandpa live next to me, and my cousins live across the road. On my farm we grow all sorts of crops like barley, corn, and sudan grass. We like to use International tractors, and not John Deere.

In June we got our chickens in pretty big crates. So we put on our working gloves and got to work unloading the trailer with all the crates of chickens on it. When we unloaded a crate, we put it on the roost and opened it up so the chickens could come out. There were about 60 crates of chickens on the truck, and we unloaded them all one by one with the help of our hired man Jake Helgeson. When we finished we drank some juice and water. Then we finished taking the rest of the chickens out of the crate and put them on the roost to look at their new home. In our barn we have roost, feed trays, and waterlines. To make things a little more fun, for every egg we found in the crates we got $.10. I found 10 eggs so I got a dollar. When we were working a chicken jumped right in the skid steer on Jake's shoulder, and rode there for 1/2 an hour.

After we finished we put the crates back on the trailer to be hauled away. When we did that I was sweating like a dog, and so was everyone else. I got $5.00 for helping unload chickens. When we were totally done and the crates strapped in they hauled them off. We all were very tired so I went in and watched some T.V. We had a big lunch, ham sandwich, organic milk, pudding, and chips. I like to work on my farm with my dad, grandpa, mom, Jake, and my brother.

Living on a farm I get to experience the way to milk cows and how to have no limited play area. I get to hunt in my backyard, and camp in it too. We can have bonfires and let our dogs run around without a chain on or fence around them. On our farm we have two dogs and 5 ferrets, as well as the cows, and the chickens. When our ferrets get suspicious, their tails suddenly poof up like a cotton ball.

Organic to me means "We don't use chemicals or pesticides, and we work with nature". We know our animals are healthy because we give them the food and vitamins and space they need.

I also like to draw, read, play baseball, and football.

I hope you had a fun day on my farm.

Farm Fact: There are more chickens than people in the world.

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