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Week of March 2nd, 2003 | The weather was really nice .

John Deere 8420 tractor

John Deere 8420 tractor

How are you? The weather is really nice here in Northeast Iowa. Most of the snow has melted and it looks like spring is coming around the corner. I can't wait because I like spring. We've been much luckier than other parts of the country with our recent weather. In the picture above, you see me in front of a John Deere 8420 tractor. This was the tractor that I drove to school last week for National FFA Week. It was really fun to drive. I borrowed it from our local John Deere implement.

On Monday and Tuesday, Dad mostly worked on chores and bookkeeping. It is very important to keep records up to date so you know what's all going on with the farm and livestock.

After I got home from school on Wednesday, Dad and I sorted hogs to sell for Sunday. Dad also filled up the hog feeders and went over the chores with me for the next days ahead, while he would be gone. He made chores very simple for me.

Dad left to go to LaCrosse, Wisconsin, early Thursday morning, for the Upper Midwest Organic Conference. I had to do chores Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday morning and evenings, and Sunday morning. Mom took off work on Saturday to join him at the conference. They will return Sunday afternoon.

Dad and three other pork pool members met with 3 Organic Valley plant managers at the Chaseburg butter plant on Thursday morning before the conference. They are trying to find a way to use some of the organic waste products from the plant as a feed source for the hogs. The Chaseburg plant is very close to LaCrosse where the organic conference was held.

New Hampton FFA members, including myself, have been practicing for a contest throughout the past two weeks. On Saturday morning, we went to Calmar, Iowa, for the sub-district contest. I was part of the 'Conduct of a Meeting' group. My job was the Advisor. I had a small part. We received Silver, which means 2nd place. This also means that we do not go on to districts. The rest of the New Hampton FFA contestants got Silver, too, except for one freshman (9th grader). He was in the 'Creed Speaking' group. He had to memorize the FFA Creed, which is about 5 paragraphs long. He received Gold, which is 1st place. He will be the only one out of the chapter that will go on to districts, and then hopefully on to state. I hope he will do a good job next weekend!

I'VE DECIDED!!! Thank you for all of your suggestions for naming my white chicken. I received many responses and that made it very hard to decide the name. I'll keep the rest of the suggestions for possible names for chickens or other pets in the future. I've decided to call her Haley, the hen. I named her after Haley, a reader from Virginia. Thanks for your great message! (Let's keep in touch!)

Farm Fact: Early March is the time of the year when our chore load is the lightest. The calves are sold in February and most of the winter farrowing is done in December and January. We will soon be getting machinery ready for the spring fieldwork.

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