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Week of June 3rd, 2007 | The weather was rainy & moderate.

Julia snuggling with baby pig.

Julia snuggling with baby pig.

Today was the perfect day. It was the day I daydreamed of all spring as I sat through long, stressful school days. It was the perfect day for a horseback ride. After lunch I eagerly ran out the door and retrieved my horse, Sayber, from the field. Lazily, he followed me out of the field and to the crossties where I tacked him up. I don't like it when horses are in the opposite mood as me, it does not make riding as fun. But man, I did not know what I was waiting for....

After I had warmed him up in the corral, we set off on a trail ride. We trotted down the path and as we rode by, birds flew up and away off the fence posts. It had rained yesterday and everything felt fresh. I told Sayber:


Because I just needed to stop and take in a deep breath and take a minute to look at the surrounding beauty. Suddenly it was as if we both had a mood swing, now Sayber was the impatient one wanting to move and I was the one wanting to kick back.

"All right, all right," I said, "Let's just get to that field over there and then I will let you run!"

When we entered the field he was already at a trot and then it only took a tap before he was at a canter and then a gallop. And just like that I was in a trance. I just let go of everything as I flew across the tall grass. It was as if I let my life fly—just let go of it for a little while, letting the momentum of the horse take the lead. I did not need to worry about my life heading the wrong way, because of trust. Because of trust I let go and flew across the field. That is the only time I feel I can safely let go of my life and that is one of the reasons I love riding so much. But more then that galloping across a field on a horse makes me feel so free like nothing could ever catch me—a feeling of pure freedom. I could tell Sayber felt the same way. Once we reached the end of the field, I allowed him to run back the way we came. And then again I was in the same, wonderful trance. With a heart full of joy, we walked back home to cool down.

As we rode back into the yard, I realized that I had never looked at the pigs that had arrived at our farm a couple of days ago. Every summer we get pigs and they stay in the barn that the cows are in during the winter months. In the winter we put a big pack of straw down in the barn for the cows to stay warm, then in the summer we get pigs to churn the manure and the straw together. Pigs dig holes all over the place, therefore, they are the perfect animals to mix straw and manure together. This process is called composting. We need this done, so the bedded pack is nice and mixed to spread on the fields to help make healthy grass grow.

Pigs are so fun to watch and so cute! As we came around the front of the barn, they all stopped their work and looked at us with a funny look in their eyes. Curiously they stepped closer and closer to us, wondering what we were doing. I giggled to myself before heading back to end my ride. It really was the perfect day.

Happy Summer!

Your farm friend,

Farm Fact: Pigs can't sweat. Pigs have no sweat glands, that is why they roll around in mud to cool off.

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