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Week of November 5th, 2006 | The weather was colder than usual.

Julia with her dog Bodo.

Julia with her dog Bodo.

Today I went to bring the heifers into the yard. I straddle the four wheeler and zoom off to the heifers in a far away paddock. On the way there is the only time you can enjoy the speed, because on the way back you are stuck behindpoky heifers.

It felt so good to be outside after being stuck inside all morning. It wouldn't really be called a nice day, but to me every day is a nice day. It was cloudy and damp. Everything was wet and the air smelled nice, I noticed as I flew up and down the grassy hills on the edge of the forest, until I came to the heifers paddock. They were all lying on the far side of the paddock, but as soon as they saw me coming, they all stood up. Perfect! I thought, this job would be pretty easy.

I decided to loop around them and push them from the back, but they followed me instead! I soon realized that they thought I was coming to get them a new strip of grass. Within a paddock, we only give the heifers one strip of pasture at a time so the food is not wasted. They were hungry and wanted more food. Harold was going to give them a new strip while they were in the yard and when they return they would have something to eat.

Since it was hard to get them out of the paddock, because they wanted more food, I decided I would head to the paddock gate myself. Maybe they would follow me. To my luck, they all came running after me and then I stayed behind as they continued to run down the lane. Then I drove after them. They began to slow down to a walk and then unfortunately to halt and they all began to nibble on grass along the path! This is where the difficulties began; it was hard to get them to move, I called;

"Come on girls let's go hup, hup!"

Those words I picked up from my dad, that's what he always says. Quina listens to those words while and bolts forward, a few following, but then they stop again to nibble. All of the sudden my dog Bodo is there herding the heifers along, how did he get here? He must have heard me trying to get the heifers to move. Why didn't I make sure he was with me in the first place? Man, he really is a big help. All the way back to the barn, it went really smooth, with Bodo's help. He got Tina in the front and then herded from the back. It works well with Tina in front.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Farm Friend,

Farm Fact: The dog was one of the first animals domesticated by humans.

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